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Which Citibank or ICICI credit card is the best?

A lot of users come up and ask these types of questions but before selecting any credit card, there are couple of question that you need to ask yourself.

1 – Purpose: Electric Bills, Online Shopping, Grocery spends, find out the reason, find out the need to get the card or if you do not have any need, you should still find out the highest spending category. So, analyse the area where you would use your card the most, it can be restaurants, groceries, online shopping.


2 – Annual charges on the card: You should be aware on the annual charges of the card. Even if it is a condition based card fees reversal, make sure that you know the limits.


As far as the question between ICICI bank and Citi card goes, we would always select citi cards. We have a couple of reasons to justify the Citi cards.


We all have to pay our monthly bills like electric bills, telephone bills etc but did you knew you can easily manage to save 5% extra every time you pay your electric or telephone bills.

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CITI Bank Cashback Card:

5% cash back on electric bill payments

5% cash back on telephone bills

0.5% cash back every where else.

We did a complete review on Citi Bank Cashback Card in our earlier post.


Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card:

5% cash back on all fuel spends, so if you travel a lot, you can save huge almost 75 litres every year.

We did a review on this card too earlier.


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