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How to save on shopping at D Mart?

We all know D Mart chains has one of the most discounted products in the retail space. They have great quality products available for good price. Just a trivia, did you knew D Mart is the most profitable offline retail chains of India.

save money on Dmart

Back to our question, is there any other way to save for purchases at D Mart?

The answer is yes, there is one more way to save on D Mart but having said this we would request you to do your grocery shopping online. There are four reasons why we would want you to do your shopping online.
1 convenience
2 on demand
3 no time and fuel wastage
4 discounts and cash backs from klippd

The last point is the big basket coupons, big basket codes from klippd that you can apply and get discounts on the price.

Back to the question now, so how do we save on D Mart?
The only way to save another 2.5% on your Dmart shopping is by using the SBI SimplySave card. This card gives you cash back of 2.5% on all your grocery shopping, restaurant bills, movie tickets.
Let us assume you shop around ₹60,000 worth of goods from DMart every year. This would mean you can directly save ₹1500 on your groceries. This is indeed a great saving.

We did a complete review on the card earlier. You can read the same.

So, now all your D mart shopping would come at 2.5% less cost.

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