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How to save money on electric bills?

No one can escape electric bill payments, it is a monthly routine and we have to make the payments to our service provider. How ever, having said this, is there any way to save money on electric bill payments.

The answer is Yes, there are three ways to save money on electric bill payments in India. We would list the ways one by one and you can try one of those or a combination of two.

1 – Credit cards: There are two credit cards which would help you save money on your electric bills or utility bills. You can easily manage to save 5% on your bills.

The first card is from Citi bank. The Citi Bank Cashback card would give you 5% cash back for all your electric bill payments. We did a complete review on the citi bank cash back card.

The other card that we like is from the Standard Chartered family. The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card. The card would give you 5% cash back on utility bills and also on fuel spends. We did a complete review on Standard Chartered card in our earlier post.

2 – Paying your bills through freecharge, paytm or mobikwik and using the freecharge coupons, freecharge discount coupons, paytm coupons, paytm codes or mobikwik coupons, mobikwik codes available on klippd. You can easily manage to save Rs. 100 on each of the electric bills. You also get cash back on each of the bill payments. This is like cherry on the top.

3 – Cash backs from klippd – Some days you would not get any coupons or codes like freecharge codes or paytm discount coupons but do not get disappointed, you still get cash back from klippd. This is like the last front on saving money for electric bills.


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